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The Southern California rock band, ACCOMPLICE, has been a growing force in the progressive rock scene for many years, showcasing original material at high profile venues like the Blockbuster Pavilion, the Coach House, and the Galaxy Theatre. 1998 was focused on preparation for the release of ACCOMPLICE'S self-produced debut album. This has included non-stop live performances in various clubs and theatres throughout Southern California, constantly striving to expand our concert opportunities, touring area, and fan-base. In 1998, the high-energy talents and versatility of ACCOMPLICE has earned them opening slots for VAN HALEN, JUDAS PRIEST, KING'S X, and MONTROSE. Past opening credits include performances with RUSH, M.S.G., NIGHT RANGER, T.N.T., SAVATAGE and others. In 1999, the band spent the better part of the year writing and recording tracks for the follow-up to their first CD. In addition, the band appeared on a tribute to Dream Theater CD called "Voices" which was released in June on Adrenaline Records.

Attracting classically trained musicians with an obsession for excellence, coupled with inspired natural talent, their music contains broad arrangements and thick textures. Accomplice's style of contemporary progressive rock enriches listeners with an optimistic perspective on controversial issues. Combined with potent melodies and abundant hooks, they create songs that are listenable, singable and memorable. The versatility of the band is evident as they move from emotionally charged ballad to an aggressive, rock feel. Talent shines in their song writing, and equally as much in their live performances.

ACCOMPLICE's talents range from song-writing and composing to performing. The members and their backgrounds ignite creatively to produce a unique sound that is technically advanced, poetic, thought-provoking, and musically inspiring. ACCOMPLICE is: Sean Clegg, guitarist and backing vocalist; Scott Snyder, bassist and backing vocalist; Richard Arbuckle, Percussionist and backing vocalist; and Mike Ross, keyboardist and backing vocalist.

With the completion of their first CD, entitled Accomplice, they have shown that they are a band of great force and depth. This year will be spent touring throughout the Western United States. Between concert dates, ACCOMPLICE is composing new material in anticipation of positive label interest to their new CD.


A professional guitarist for nearly twenty years, Sean taught himself to play guitar at age 8. With the dream of becoming a rock star someday, he took a few lessons, learned to read music, and became proficient enough at it, that by the time he was only 15 he was teaching guitar at a local guitar shop. Before Sean was 18 he was already playing in Los Angeles based bands DVS and Messenger, eventually forming the internationally acclaimed progressive rock group Accomplice. It was during the early years in Accomplice that Sean became very interested in classical music. He went on to study and in 1992, he auditioned and received a full scholarship to study classical guitar at California State University Fullerton. There, under the direction of guitar virtuoso David Grimes, Seans musical vocabulary soared to new heights. Sean entered and won many local guitar competitions and in 1999 earned his Masters degree in guitar performance.

Meanwhile, Sean recorded 3 European releases with the band Accomplice for Adrenaline Records from 1997-2000. A multi-instrumentalist and sought-after session player, Sean not only can play acoustic and electric guitars, but also bass guitar, piano/keys, mandolin, dulcimer and banjo, just to name a few! Proficient in many different styles, Sean's played and recorded with Accomplice, Cry Freedom, Celestial Winds, Blackwaterside, and many others. With years of experience playing on large stages, and opening for national acts like Van Halen, Judas Priest and Rush, Sean has refined his sound. Always concerned with Taste, Tone and Timing, he is known for his musicianship... and his stage presence is exciting to watch. Recently, he's been the guitarist for Sugarbox, a very popular LA based cover band, and Dog n Butterfly a highly successful HEART tribute band. Both bands tour the western USA regularly, playing to large crowds, and performing a multitude of shows every year.

In 2000, Sean was inducted into the national Honor Society of Music Pi Kappa Lambda. An ASCAP member since 1997, Sean was the primary song writer for many of the groups he played with. He also has to his credit, his own publishing company, Beautiful Noise Music, and a new recording label, Sonic Vibe Records, where he has produced many local bands and artists. Sean possesses a style that is quick, clean, melodic and passionate. He has over 20 album credits in a wide variety of genres. Spanning from Progressive and Melodic rock/metal, to Blues, Jazz and Classical. His extensive formal training, musical proficiency, and knack for multi-part instrumentation, make him an ideal choice for lead guitarist and musical director for any professional situation.




Scott Snyder has been described as "born with a bass player's soul." He is a highly skilled in-the-pocket bassist who exhibits impeccable intuitiveness and groove; as is evidenced by his thundering baseline in State of the Nation and For All the World on Accomplice: Accomplice. Able to play drums, keyboard and guitar as well, he is a versatile musician, and a natural showman. Accomplice has Scott's main focus. However, his ability keeps him sought after. Scott contributed to Josh Ramos' solo project, Ramos, and provided all but two of the bass tracks on the Ramos CD, Living In The Light, as well as contributing to several other recording projects. He also worked on the Cry Freedom project, featuring Chaz West formerly of Bahnam and Dave Moreno formerly of L.A. Guns, with producer Andy Johns. And can also be found from time to time performing with Audie Desbrow, formerly of Great White, in EV Loud.




Rich Arbuckle, percussionist, studied commercial music and percussion under Allan Carter at Fullerton College, Percussion Performance under Todd Miller at Cal State Fullerton, and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Redlands. Also, he gained additional musical experience and growth under the instruction of Peter Erskine at the Dick Grove School of Music. "My job is to make the music sound good, and KICK @$$", a job he takes very seriously. Further, Rich adds the very necessary talent of taking complex meters and adding a comfortable groove, especially evident in the songs Party's Over and Reactor. Rich joined Accomplice in 1994 after his departure from the European crossover group Foreign Exchange. Rich has enjoyed a varied career performing live and recording in many genres of music including Traditional Jazz (his favorite), Rock, Pop, Country, Orchestral, and World Music styles. Included in Rich's accolades is the reveiw in the October 1998 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine.

Also, see Rich's tattoos on display at Scorerocks.com!!



MICHAEL T. ROSS – Synthesizers

Michael first joined the group in 2000 and has since been an intricate part in providing the melodic/ progressive type keyboard sound the band is know for having. Michael also went on to join Hardline and Angel touring throughout the states and abroad with notable shows such as The Gods Festival in England with Hardline in 2002 and the Bang Your Head Festival in Germany in 2004 with Angel in front of 25,000 people. Michael continues to work in Los Angeles and record on multiple albums including the new Lillian Axe and Hardline III release, along with his debut solo record entitled “Deep Freeze with Atma Anur on drums, being released this year.




Johnny started out in a band called Brunette with brother Joey. They played the LA scene in the late 80's with much success. Next came the first Hardline album and tour with Neal Schon and Dean Castonovo from Journey. Johnny took a brief hiatus from singing and teamed up with his brother; this time in the world of Internet business. Even while enjoying work at a successful business, Johnny knew he still had the music hunger inside. In 1998, he joined Axel Rudi Pell to sing on the Pell album "Oceans of Time." This proved to be a very successful combination as they went on to create "Masquerade Ball" and "Shadow Zone." In between recording with Pell, Johnny found time to focus on his own new album, and the result was Hardline II.  Johnny is widely regarded as one of the most energetic and entertaining frontmen in the business.

More on Johnny at http://www.michaeltross.com

(Johnny photos courtesy Christian Giess, http://www.michaeltross.com)

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